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Lough Ree

Lough Ree at Barley Harbour 1

Lough Ree, as part of the Shannon corridor is located in the midlands of Ireland straddling the provinces of Connaught and leinster. On the east, it is bordered by counties Westmeath and longford and Ballymahon is a very short distance to Inny Bay, on the Longford shoreline.

Lough Ree is the second largest of the Shannon lakes with a surface area of about 42sq. miles. It is some 16 miles long and 6 miles at its widest point. The maximum depth recorded is over 100ft while the greater part of the lake the depth is less than 6 feet.



Lough Ree at Barley Harbour 2

In recognition of its significant scientific value, Lough Ree is nationally and internationally acclaimed. The acclaim is accredited through the designation of its shores and hinterland as a natural Heritage area, a special protected area and as a special area of conservation.




The River Inny

River activities 1

The river Inny is a main tributary of the Shannon and is over 50KM in length. The river Inny rises near Oldcastle, in County Meath. The river Inny below Newcastle Bridge has Plentiful rapids and canoeing Kayaking and tubing is popular. The Outdoor discoveries company by Alex Stanley is based in Ballymahon town. 



The Royal Canal

Royal Canal 1

The royal canal is situated about 2KM from Ballymahon town. Construction began on this canal in 1789 and was completed, stretching from Dublin to the Shannon, in 1818.

The royal canal was built to connect Dublin and the northern Shannon between 1789 and 1818. Ballymahon was an important market town with a productive agricultural hinterland and it was inevitable that ti would be included on the route mapped out for the Royal Canal.


Walks in Newcastle Forest

Walks in Newcastle forest 1

Coillte in association with Newcastle walkways Development Group have been developing and enhancing the trails since 2001.

There are 28KM of walkway throughout the forest, most of which are gently undulating forest roads and trails which allow for easy progress through the changing forest landscape.



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